Yankee Air Pirates (East)
A Metro Detroit CONflict SIMulation group

The Yankee Air Pirates (East) is a group of dedicated gamers who meet, on average, every few weeks in Sterling Heights to play and discuss CONflict SIMulations (CONSIMs, also known as wargames) and other types of games as well. The group was originally founded by Chris Fawcett. Chris has since moved to Iowa, taking the original name (and a cool website, especially for PBeM-players, “Yankee Air Pirates”) with him. Those of us still here, therefore, refer to ourselves as YAP East in deference to Chris.

We don't have a long-term schedule, preferring to fly “by the seat of our pants” and schedule future sessions at the current one. However, we do have a preliminary schedule for the next few weeks (subject to change, so watch this space!)

We are actively seeking more gamers to join us. Please e-mail us and let us know what kind of games you enjoy or for further information.

Email: jack@yap-east.org

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Jack Beckman 

3031 Groves Drive

Sterling Heights, Michigan 48310-3635

Fred, Allen, Joey and Dave playing Kingmaker

Check out the game-day blog! This is where I'll try and write up what happened each game day and provide at least one picture.

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